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Sinus Migraine: When Sinus Pain is More than a Headache
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If you plan your life around your migrainesā€¦. Are your headaches frequent? If you have migraines on average of once weekly or moreā€¦. Do your migraines control you, or do you control them?

Are your migraines interfering with your life?

Do you have headaches more often than not? Are your migraines your distinguishing characteristic? Do your family and friends identify you by your headaches? Are you self-medicating too often? Font Size.

Everything you ever wanted to know about migraines (but were in too much pain to ask)

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There's 'thunderclap headache', a sudden severe headache that can last from hours to days, which mimics the pain you get with a brain haemorrhage; hemicrania continua, which is a bit like cluster headaches but you get them every day for three months; and 'ice pick' headache primary stabbing headache which causes a single stab or series of stabs in the head. Secondary headaches always have an identifiable underlying cause. Headache associated with taking too much medication is a common type. It's called medication-induced headache sometimes called 'medication overuse headache'.

People get into a vicious cycle of taking headache treatment but the medication itself can make the headache worse. Paracetamol or ibuprofen are often the cause but a lot of other types of medication taken for headaches may also be involved. Eventually the headache comes back when the medicine is stopped, so people end up taking tablets just to stop the headache from coming back. OK, it's time to get the serious stuff over with.

Brain tumours, brain haemorrhage , meningitis and giant cell arteritis an inflammation of the arteries on the sides of the head can all cause headaches. They are the conditions we all fear when a nasty headache lingers. However, the good news is that the chances of any headache having a serious cause are very slim indeed. What delicate flowers we are.

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She has been vomiting about once a month since the last revision. Ask a doctor and research health information when making a health decision. Many prominent pioneers of modern neurology wrote of its benefits in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Allied health professionals are university-trained health practitioners who work as part of your healthcare team Apr 19 , pm. Primary healthcare is the first contact a person has with the health care system when they have a health problem. Needs Improvement Love it!

Too much sleep, too little sleep, too much fluid all right, too much alcohol , not enough fluid dehydration , too much of the wrong food or no food at all can all trigger migraines in susceptible people. Depression , certain smells, the weather, and being obese have all been linked to migraines.

When Should I See a Doctor About Migraines?

Don't overwork, because that causes migraines, but don't relax, because a reduction of stress can cause - guess what? But if you get fed up looking for trigger factors, just blame it on your family. Dr Aarno Palotie , a geneticist at the University of California, in Los Angeles, said: "For the first time we have proof of an isolated genetic link to migraine. Stuff we put in our bodies in various orifices, which can cause generalised headaches, include foods containing sulfites anything smoked - like salmon, alas , oral contraceptives, amyl nitrite as in 'poppers' , cannabis and nicotine.

For migraine sufferers, caffeine can be a major trigger for bringing on headaches, and for developing chronic migraine defined as headache on at least 15 days per month, with at least 8 being migraine or probable migraine. But if you fancy a coffee at the end of your meal tyramine -low, of course don't stop drinking it immediately because caffeine withdrawal can be another headache trigger. By now, you're probably getting a headache just trying to avoid all these headache triggers.

Time for a nightcap? Best not.

Wax on, wax off: What do plant roots and karate have in common?

Alcohol not only gives you a hangover but can also cause instant headache due its effect on brain blood vessels. Maybe just go straight to bed. Oh, before you do, check your boiler. Headache can be one of the first symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. It's a real headache, isn't it? On the one hand, you don't want to risk bothering your GP with something as 'trivial' as a headache. On the other hand, if it is something serious, you don't want to leave it.

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Fortunately, our headache leaflet has it covered. Look on there for all the details, but basically, if it starts suddenly; if it becomes severe; if it wakes you from sleep; if it's worse when you're lying down and gets better when you stand; if you get odd symptoms eg, memory loss, muddled thinking, speech problems, vomiting ; or signs fever, red eyes, numbness or weakness you've never had , go to see your doctor.

C'mon, do you really expect me to cover the treatment of all types of headaches in this little bit of space I've got left?

Needless to say, all the details can be found in our headache leaflet. Many headaches disappear by themselves but those that linger can usually be encouraged on their way by resting and taking some paracetamol. It's worth looking at the various possible trigger factors to see whether any apply to you and even keeping a diary of your activities and diet to help identify them. If you get frequent headaches, it's important that you should be diagnosed properly. Some types of headaches require specific types of treatment when they occur, and measures to prevent them from happening.

Identifying and avoiding trigger factors is particularly important. To end on a note of hope, if you've been on medication for years and it's not totally effective, don't despair. Advances in therapy are coming on stream all the time. For example, new preventative treatments are being developed in America. They target a specific group of amino acids in the brain.

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Are you starting to see zigzag lines or is it just me? If you can, you might need to get your eyes tested.

I'm off to lie down in a darkened room. I am currently suffering with various symptoms and am in a bad way and