Buddhism: The Basics

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Thus at the end of the 5th century the Roman empire was nothing but a heap of ruins, and fidelity to the empire was now only maintained by the Catholic Church; she alone survived, as rich, as much honoured as ever, and more The clergy and the barbarians.

sg-db-ild-2.lode.com.au/9054.php The poor creature, in an uneasy attitude which brought out all his bodily defects, was snor- ing a little ; under the hat, which half covered his face, you could see his open mouth distorted by some dream into a ridiculous grimace ; a few red hairs, scantily sprinkled over his weak chin, gave a dirtier hue to his sallow face, and, as his head was well thrown back, his thin wrinkled neck was in full view, with a prominent and ruddy Adam's apple which heaved at every snore.

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