Clean House - 147 Ways to Live Well in the Body God Gave You

Clean House – 147 Ways to Live Well in the Body God Gave You
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I, God , said it—and I did it. The parents ate green apples, The children got the stomachache? Every soul—man, woman, child—belongs to me, parent and child alike. Not a chance! And his death will be his own fault. But the parent will die for what the parent did, for the sins of—.

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Since the child was careful to do what is lawful and right, the child will live truly and well. The soul that sins is the soul that dies.

God Does Know Your Heart, But You Don’t

The child does not share the guilt of the parent, nor the parent the guilt of the child. He will live. Do you think I take any pleasure in the death of wicked men and women? Will this person live? Likewise, if a bad person turns away from his bad life and starts living a good life, a fair life, he will save his life. So turn around!

Clean house. No more rebellions, please.

A Christ-Centered Guide for Lifestyle Change

Get a new heart! Get a new spirit! Why would you choose to die, Israel?

She crouched in a pride of young lions. Her cubs grew large. He learned to hunt. He ate men. Nations sounded the alarm. He was caught in a trap.

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The nations got together to hunt him. Everyone joined the hunt. It grew high, reaching into the clouds. This is a sad song, a text for singing the blues. They sat down before me. Yes, go ahead. Hold them accountable. Confront them with the outrageous obscenities of their parents. Tell them that God , the Master, says:.

I alone am God , your God.

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None got rid of the vile things they were addicted to. They held on to the no-gods of Egypt as if for dear life. I seriously considered inflicting my anger on them in force right there in Egypt. Then I thought better of it. I acted out of who I was, not by how I felt.

And I acted in a way that would evoke honor, not blasphemy, from the nations around them, nations who had seen me reveal myself by promising to lead my people out of Egypt. And then I did it: I led them out of Egypt into the desert. They despised my laws for living well and obediently in the ways I had set out.

And they totally desecrated my holy Sabbaths.

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Clean House: Ways to Live Well in the Body God Gave You [Barbara Brown, Dr. Tom Taylor] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Clean House: Ways To Live Well In the Body God Gave You [Tom Taylor, Barbara Taylor] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

I seriously considered unleashing my anger on them right there in the desert. But I thought better of it and acted out of who I was, not by what I felt, so that I might be honored and not blasphemed by the nations who had seen me bring them out. But I did lift my hand in a solemn oath there in the desert and promise them that I would not bring them into the country flowing with milk and honey that I had chosen for them, that jewel among all lands.

They preferred living by their no-god idols. I myself am God , your God: Keep my statutes and live by my laws. Keep my Sabbaths as holy rest days, signposts between me and you, signaling that I am God , your God. They neither followed my statutes nor kept my laws for living upright and well.

And they desecrated my Sabbaths. I seriously considered dumping my anger on them, right there in the desert. They desecrated my Sabbaths and remained addicted to the no-god idols of their parents. Since they were determined to live bad lives, I myself gave them statutes that could not produce goodness and laws that did not produce life. I abandoned them. Filthy in the gutter, they perversely sacrificed their firstborn children in the fire.

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The very horror should have shocked them into recognizing that I am God. When I brought them into that land that I had solemnly promised with my upraised hand to give them, every time they saw a hill with a sex-and-religion shrine on it or a grove of trees where the sacred whores practiced, they were there, buying into the whole pagan system.

With a mighty show of strength and a terrifying rush of anger, I will be King over you! For on my holy mountain, the high mountain of Israel, I, God , the Master, tell you that the entire people of Israel will worship me. Let the Message roll out against the south.

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Prophesy against the wilderness forest of the south. Nobody will put out the fire. The whole country from south to north will be blackened by it. Prophesy against the land of Israel. Everyone will know that I mean business. Double up in pain. Make a scene! Hearts will stop cold, knees turn to rubber. No stopping it.

A sword! The sword is against my people! Wring your hands! Tear out your hair! Why have you despised discipline? Clap your hands. Get their attention. Start them from the same place. Place a signpost at the beginning of each road. Post one sign to mark the road of the sword to Rabbah of the Ammonites. Post the other to mark the road to Judah and Fort Jerusalem.

The king of Babylon stands at the fork in the road and he decides by divination which of the two roads to take. He draws straws, he throws god-dice, he examines a goat liver. Ruins, ruins, ruins! And ruins it will remain until the one comes who has a right to it. Return the sword to the sheath!

Corpses will litter your land. Not so much as a memory will be left of you. I, God , have said so. Come now, are you going to judge her? Do it! Face her with all her outrageous obscenities. You treat my holy things with contempt and desecrate my Sabbaths. You have people spreading lies and spilling blood, flocking to the hills to the sex shrines and fornicating unrestrained.

Incest is common. Sex is now anarchy.