GODZILLA IN EAST ANGLIA (Selected Poems Book 1)

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And finally news about becoming a member of Teapoets. Yes Open Word is back with 2 dates and loads of fun. We start this weekend at Arundels. This is our first event in a garden.

Bring picnic blankets, chairs and lots of poetry. We will be having an open Mic so looking forward to your poems.

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Start reading GODZILLA IN EAST ANGLIA (Selected Poems Book 1) on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a. GODZILLA IN EAST ANGLIA (Selected Poems Book 1) eBook: Simon Bucher- Jones: jobpevikorigh.gq: Kindle Store.

But more details in our event invitation nearer the date. You came to me this morning And you handled me like meat. I loved you when you opened Like a lily to the heat. All soaked in sex, and pressed against The limits of the sea: I saw there were no oceans left For scavengers like me. We made it to the forward deck I blessed our remnant fleet — And then consented to be wrecked A thousand kisses deep. That truth is bent, that beauty spent, That style is obsolete — O since the Holy Spirit went A thousand kisses deep.

But sometimes when the night is slow, The wretched and the meek, We gather up our hearts and go A thousand kisses deep. And fragrant is the thought of you, The file is now complete — Except what we forgot to do A thousand kisses deep. The ponies run, the girls are young, The odds are there to beat. I jammed with Diz and Dante — I did not have their sweep — But once or twice, they let me play A thousand kisses deep.

And maybe I had miles to drive, And promises to keep — Your ditch it all to stay alive A thousand kisses deep. No turning from the threat of love, No acrobatic leap — As witnessed here in time and blood A thousand kisses deep.

Main menu Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Regards Sue Wrinch. Not written by a member, but a sweet poem by e.

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Touch you and touch and touch until you give me suddenly a smile,shyly obscene lady i will touch you with my mind. Touch you,that is all, lightly and you utterly will become with infinite ease the poem which i do not write. All the best, Ria, Nicky, John and Dave. Musical guest-Lisa Thorne Lisa Thorne has never looked back since her uncle introduced her to the music of Steeleye Span when she was a child.

She is particularly interested in the narrative of the voice, using words to pin down a point of that narrative, rather then to express or describe. Published work includes two poetry collections, and non-fiction works on spirituality, leadership and communication.

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He broadcasts regularly on BBC Radio 2 and other stations and performs poetry at festivals and venues in the UK and abroad. Steve is unique amongst performers in the Folk genre in that he has never, ever been even nominated for any award of any kind. Appearing on a discography of five album and one EP release, Steve can go from lively in-yer-face frontman to sensitive accompanist at will and anything in between. With special guest MC Dave reading from one of his books.

David is a regular at Teapoets and other open Mic around the South East. John and I both wish you all a happy, healthy and creative New Year. How many hooves passed those trees? How many lovers laid safe close to improvise hot magic there? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Lisa Thorne has never looked back since her uncle introduced her to the music of Steeleye Span when she was a child. Dale Carnegie, known as 'the arch-priest of the art of making friends', pioneered the development of personal business skills, self-confidence and motivational techniques.

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Wilfred Owen: Selected Poems - A limited edition from The Folio Society

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