History of the U.S.S. BRACKETT DE - 41

File:USS Brackett (DE-41) off the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard on 1 November 1943 (19-N-53904).jpg
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S1c, Short Charles E. S1c, Virgino, Milvin J. On the 20th we got assigned "Patrol" duty outside the Lagoon. On the 21st while still guarding the harbor a Troop ship went by and within 15 minutes it had gone aground at the entrance. We were given orders to change station and assist the U. Case DD and the U. Tisdale DE in screening the operation.


USS Brackett (DE) was an Evarts-class destroyer escort of the United States Navy during . External links[edit]. Photo gallery of USS Brackett (DE) at NavSource Naval History. Brackett History. View the USS Brackett (DE 41) DANFS history entry located on the Naval History and Heritage Command web site.

We went in about and received seven bags of mailall papersvery few letters. Underway on the 22nd July , at bound for Kwajalein with the Sargent Bay CVE a baby flat top, she had come from the States bringing aircraft. Arrived at hours and anchoredwithin minutes picked up the anchor and went back and forth all afternoon while our orders were being madecanceled and made againA plane coming into the Atoll burst into flames and crashed into the atoll, while whales were playing around us; we finally went back into the Atoll at and anchored near the U. Holland AS3.

DE-41 Deployments - Major Events

Underway at hours on the 23rd with the U. At we received a change in orders to proceed to Saipan. The 26th of July brought "Ice Cream and Cokes". On the 27th GQ at shoot the gunsand secure. On the 28th at hours, with Lt. Muskie as O. Our first run over it we shot our Hedgehogs 24 and dropped a flarebut no luck, on our second run we shot the hedgehogs again and two underwater explosions were heard.

We lost contact and went back searching for wreckage with our searchlight, and the Holland requested that we return to station at , and we secured "GQ" at All night we saw guns blazing away at Tinian, as we wended our way amongst the ships, and discussed the possibility that the Bureau would confirm our sub. On the 2nd of August , we anchored in Eniwetok at Two Battlewagons, two first line carriers, Yorktown and Wasp the Princeton, we counted the 57 Jap planes painted on her superstructure.

Five Cruisers and a bunch of destroyers preceded us into the Atoll. Special Sea Detail was called at on the 3rd and went along the U. Camel IX for fuel, took ships store supplies aboard, underway at and anchored and secured at The 4th brought us a new Ensign, Charles A. Dailey, Green, William S. S2c, Gunter, Thomas M. S2c, Hall, Keith W. S2c, Hamilton, Richard M. S2c, and Hansen, Elmer H. On the 5th of August we got underway to an Oiler, the S. Gulfstar and stayed there putting on 78 barrels 3, gallons of lube oil.

The next day we got the rest of the oil 86 barrels and got underway and anchored over by the rest of the D. On the 7th, we up anchored and reanchored near the U.

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Sanders DE , and liberty parties were sent ashore. Kwajalein CVE- 98 and take her to Guam, and report back here.

How the USS Princeton explosion changed U.S. history. Updated episode.

We got underway, turned around and came backand secured at Underway at to follow orders given to us yesterday. The sea is moderate.

World War II

The ship lost forward speed about when the forward "8" crapped out. Propulsion was soon gained again when the two "3s" were put on the line.

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B, Training Bn. These shipyards began to participate in the program between September and May see Table Warner; a scrapbook, compiled by Cdr. It should be noted that this includes all shipbuilders and covers the period after November when destroyer escorts were less of a priority and were beginning to be canceled by the hundreds. However, the Great Depression and the interwar treaties limiting gross tonnage seriously affected the shipbuilding industry.

The reaction was so automatic that everyone was pleased that we are a complete team again, with the new guys becoming a real part of the crew. On the 9th in the early morning hours we passed the U. That crew was in the next barracks to us in Norfolk, Virginia when we were in training as the D. Although we could hardly see them, a lot of waving went on, on both ships. The sea is like glass. At on the 24th of August , we were in the Atoll anchored with five Battlewagons, five first line Carriers, eight Cruisers and a large complement of Destroyers.


Ensign Edwin M. Wilke reported aboard hours. About Hamilton, Richard W. We got underway at and tied up along the side the Silica IX , and took on stores. On the 25th, we got underway at and tied up to the U. Guadalupe AO an Oiler and took on 4, gallons of lube oil, then alongside of the U. Astacosta AO for 21, gallons of diesel oil.

At got underway and tied up to the U. Sanders DE the flagship of the 28th Division. On the 26th, Commander Howard came aboard with his staff, and the U. Wyman DE tied up to our port side at hours. The 27th found us with the U. Sanders DE on our port side and the U. Mitchell DE and U. Wyman DE on our starboard, and church call aboard the U. Lexington CV Rumor has it that the Captain is going to pull a locker inspection at , at all of the cans of fruit juice and other amenities were disposed of.

The Captain came and the Captain wentand many of the crew had a happy night sleep, as well as Lt. Sanders DE left sometime during the day. On the 28th the U. Loeser DE and the U. Wileman DE came alongside and tied up, and part of the crew went on liberty on Parry Island. On the 29th part of the crew went to Parry Island for liberty and a new type of D. Jack Miller DE- tied up alongside the U. Loeser DE The bridge structure appeared to be a bit lower. August 30thGeneral clean up, no Liberty. The 31st of August between and the D. Jack Miller DE came along the side like a cowboy on a bucking horse and her anchor creamed off our stanchions.

What a bunch of Boots.

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At the SC came alongside, at the LCMM2 came alongside to unload ammunitionby we were all clear again. Liberty on the 2nd of September, and the D. The YMS came along the side about and left about On Sunday the 3rd of September we had a church party on the island at , the sea became rough and storm warnings given.

Thomas DE came along our port side about On the 4th. A very few heard the SC come alongside about and then move to the port side of the U. Thomas DE On the 6th the U.