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Have you done an analysis to include college savings in your analysis? A great point on saving to pay for college for our kids. I am trending well above FS standards at 47 so this is more of an observation than a complaint.

What’s included in my plan?

Pritzker can still achieve significant savings by continuing to fight the backpay issue and by negotiating a new contract that does not include automatic raises. I have lunch at my desk while the guys go out for food and eat my free fruit in the afternoon. You may change your settings at any time but this may impact on the functionality of the site. Its desktop look is also a bit dated. Topic: Fatherhood, Race, and Marriage. Email Address. In the simplest terms, a budget is the amount of money you expect to have, broken down into the categories you expect to spend it on.

Blessed with dual income and side business most of my adult life …. BUSY but at least on track. I am 53 years old and the projections are right on for me. I am higher in the home equity but lower in the k. I made a conscious decision early on to pay down my home mortgage. This made me sleep better at night, but, I realize it was not the wisest financial decision based on how the market has grown.

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What I am most proud of is I was able to do this while we raised 5 children who went to private grade school and private high school and my wife was able to stay at home while we raised them. We did not take a lot of fancy vacations and always paid cash for things cars included. There is an optimism about them that no matter what happens, they can always find ways to make more money. This was my favorite line, and I would add to it that those same people are consistent with wealth building endeavors.

They are eternal optimists like you said, who add value to the world in meaningful ways for which they can be financially rewarded. I thought that was something to be proud of, but according to you, I should be worth twice that much. I think I will be fine, financially. But I do admire that you push people to save and invest. Of course, nobody intentionally invests in enterprises that go bust. Probably one of the most interesting comments I have read in this thread in a while. It goes to show you where you live goes a long way into defining what your targets should be.

Enjoy your retirement! Nice article.

How Dana’s Writing And Publishing Helped Build A Niche Retirement Planning Business [3:01]

Editorial Reviews. Review. This is a topic that I'm very interested in - I have been interested in How to Implement A Budget that Works (Sensible Financial Planning Series Book 2) - Kindle edition by Nico Kleynhans CFP®. Download it once. How to Implement A Budget that Works (Sensible Financial Planning Series Book 2) eBook: Nico Kleynhans CFP®: Kindle Store.

Here are some info: — My wife and I are both She only started working 2 years ago. Those are good numbers — you keep that up and you should easily be able to retire by depending on your annual spending. Go me! So your paragraph about the correlation between net worth and home ownership rings true Down Under! I think that there is misconception that you have to buy a home to get wealthy and if you rent then you will stay poor.

The reason that homeowners are much richer than renters on average is because homeowners on average have much higher incomes that can financially support expensive homes.

How To Budget And Save Money - Money Management Tips

The poorest people with low incomes cannot afford homes and are forced to rent. The lowest income people on average have a lower net worth than the highest income people. I would bet that most high income people own a home and most low income people rent. This generally explains the gap in net worth between a homeowner and a renter. I am 40 and we are about 1. However, if you divide us separately since we are married, I guess we are below average. Either way, I am happy as we have more than enough to retire soon.

The key is, even though we have had over 1M for a few years now total, it was not invested assets. Now we are above 1M in that category too. Furthermore in terms of equity, those numbers seem very low, I am into my 6th year of ownership and have around K of equity in my house.

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I guess by not obtaining any profit sharing, I am missing out to some degree. I have been maxing or close to maxing each year, I guess it does depend on your company match percentage as well. As many bloggers on Early Retirement, I have my net worth online currently about a quarter of a million dollars , on my site. Currently I save 1. Thanks Financial Sam.

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Really interesting stats and another well written article as always. This was above the national average, above the London average and far above the average earnings of people my own age at the time. The result is I was way behind the wealth accrual curve when I moved here, and I could instinctively feel it — no need for a spreadsheet.

How to set up a budget

I was Lucky to have a nice wife and kids that made a happy stable home. I was born with a natural smile and this again made me Luckier than many to move in society and make some very important connections. Above average has a lot to do with what Bill Gates remarked on, in my opinion. Luck can certainly play a role — especially for people who make a lot of money off their primary residence. Every day — people have choices — do I buy a big home or a smalller home?

Do I push my k as far as I can or do I buy new furniture this year? Do I drive an old car or brand new SUV? Do I go out to eat or cook at home? Do I go party with friends or stay at home and study? Do I take a nice expensive vacation to Europe or do a daycation with the family? Do I work that extra shift and save extra money or drink a 6 pk at home and relax? Do I go to the bar to hang out or do I do research about investments and ways to save money online? I find most people make their own luck with good behaviors. Age k contribution Year ————————————- 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 I took the sum and divided by number of years.

I even accounted for that annualized. This is with zero bonds. These results sound cherry picked — you picked some crazy fund which actually did perform but the chances of an employee providing that fund is hard. Sounds great. How long have you been working and investing so I can get some perspective from where you are coming from?

How did you get to k in just 6 years? Did you start maxing out the k from day one 12 years ago or did you start with a 0 balance 6 years ago?

Sensible Perspectives

You must be a very good investor or I misunderstood your comment about 6 years. And, I believe thats somewhat realistic. The reason why mine is lower is because I had more bonds at a young age.

If it was in stocks I think I could of surpassed the higher end. Unlike most readers and posters, I dont own any other investments. So, I ask myself, should I diversify into other areas, or keep building wealth with the tools I fully understand.

In I had 3 homes and I had cashed in my pension and k to put into those homes so that I could be debtfree. I had k income. When the Fed took down our economy in , I got laid off with , other people in my company. Although I got a 24k severance after only 15 months, I was house rich and cash poor. I could not access the almost k in equity I had in all three properties. There were no jobs in my field for a year and I had to take 8.

I am finally back on the top, but I will no longer put all my eggs into one basket. I ended up losing 2 of the properties, and k of equity. Correction: 52, people. I lost that plus the increase in the fair market value from the original mortgage amount. I think the residential is pretty recession-proof. My values dropped in the crash but the rents did not. I think of the rents like bonds — safe and steady. A hefty represents about a third of the equities, the rest is from some serious banking of any extra dough.

The commercial is not recession-proof but is well managed with lots of free CF. Great post — love this and the above average married couple as I check in on them every few months to keep me motivated and on track!

How I Spend My Money: A 24-year-old financial analyst in Dublin on €32,000 saving over €800 a month

Good question. BUT, the most dangerous thing one can do is extrapolate into the future a high water mark of good times. This analysis is very good overall. While homes can and do cost a bit to maintain,this maintenance and property tax is almost entirely tax deductible under the current laws.

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If you or your spouse are a realtor,the write off for renovations and maintenance are unlimited.