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An engaging, fun, spirited approach to learning something every one of us needs to know! Skylanders are collectible 3-dimensional action figures that come to life in this video game. Just place a Skylander on the Portal of Power, a nifty pedestal that connects to your XBOX , and that character is activated onscreen.

Spyro's Adventure is extraordinary entertainment that takes players into a world of wildly exciting fun. What elevates it to such exceptional levels is the nonstop variety of its onscreen activities, its vivid imagery, and the endlessly exciting action. Players collect treasures, blast through barriers, liberate trapped villagers, open Monster Gates by defeating creatures such as the wide-mouthed Chompies , and much more.

The game does an incredible job of making it effortless for even young players to understand just how to navigate various types of play, enabling everyone to get the most out of the game. Battle Mode allows players to go up against one another, deploying a variety of weapons and traps.

There are 32 Skylanders in all, each with different powers and weaponry. Skylanders can be grouped according to their shared element water, fire, tech, and so on. Skylanders comes with a detailed back story that extends to each of the characters. Players will find themselves deeply immersed in the adventure of their lives.

Anyone who has played the previous games in the Skylanders franchise has experienced the rousing gameplay and thrill that goes with being able to introduce physical toys into the onscreen action. That last bit - catapulting Skylanders toy figures and their special abilities into the onscreen action - just got even better.

SWAP Force introduces 16 new toy figures whose top and bottom halves can be swapped, allowing players to mix and match onscreen powers into over unique character combinations. That unprecedented flexibility gives players the ability to tailor powers mid-fight, and in so doing perhaps turn the tide of battle. Kiddy Read is a month long early reading program that uses short 2 - 10 minutes long , preplanned daily sessions, six days a week. The structured curriculum encompasses four 3. The bite-sized brevity of the lessons makes them easy to digest and an excellent fit for families on the go.

By changing modes a child can be exposed to the same set of words repeatedly, with accompanying images and narration varying from mode to mode. This both holds the child's interest and enhances comprehension, as does the fact that each lesson's words are presented in categories my family, my body, nature, colors, etc. Your child ultimately progresses to reading complete stories whose words, couplets, phrases and sentences he or she will by then be quite familiar with. Kiddy Read's systematic approach enables kids to get the most out of their daily lessons, and their website is extraordinarily well-organized and easy to use, creating an excellent experience for both children and parents.

Few impulses are stronger in young girls than the desire to emulate their moms.

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In particular, they feel a pull to 'mother' someone - to nurture, cuddle, feed, rock, tuck in, keep safe - in short, to love and care for another being. The best opportunity to express and explore that essential part of themselves is with a doll of baby-like proportions.

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That's where PlayTime Babies comes in. It's a delightfully authentic doll whose carefully thought-out design emulates the fragility and softness of a newborn. One of its greatest strengths is its simplicity. Its open and close eyes, baby powder scent, light weight 12 ounces , life-like expression, and detailed hands and feet are all appropriately low-tech features. Together they create an effect that spurs your child's imagination and evokes emotion, the real tools of creative play.

The bean-bag weighted bottom and smooth, squeezable vinyl provides a life-like feel. This 4 piece set includes the inch doll, a baby bottle, sleeper, and headband. Toy Fair Booth Whether your goal is to enjoy drenching everything in sight or to turn water-blasting into an art form, The Astronaut Spacepack is the tool for you. It'll make you feel like a ninja water-warrior, rapidly dispensing long-range blasts at a broad number of targets in the blink of an eye. First, there's the water supply, a backpack that provides you with a liter of water at a time. Then there's the dual-grip pump action that unleashes long, sweeping streams of water.

And let's not forget the foot range. Most enjoyable of all is the feature that enables you to shoot water in two directions at once. A trigger control causes the barrels to fan out in opposite directions, a feat that can be executed mid-stream. Working the trigger while pumping the action very easy to do creates an effect similar to firing a water blaster with each hand while sweeping your arms from the front to the sides and back again.

You'll cover - and soak - a lot of territory almost effortlessly. There's a brief pause right after you pull the cord on the handheld SkyScraper launcher, before the plastic disc goes sailing up into the sky.

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That tiny moment between action and reaction somehow adds to the thrill, perhaps by creating the impression that nothing much is going to happen here. Then suddenly - whoosh - the level of lift and thrust, often greater than feet, far exceeds your expectations. Another surprising element is the degree of directional control the SkyScraper gives you. Aim it straight up get ready to crane your neck and straight up it goes. Or get out in an open area and angle the launcher slightly with the intention of having the disc come to earth at a targeted spot.

Look! I Can Read!

There are countless games you can create. Have two or more friends with SkyScrapers launch simultaneously and watch them cross paths or collide high up in the air. The soft plastic discs always gently return earthward. There are 3 discs included. There's also a pack, available separately, of 6 glow-in-the-dark discs 3 green, 3 yellow for nighttime action.

No batteries necessary - this exciting outdoor fun is powered by you! The depth and breadth of this online learning curriculum for ages is truly stunning. The material is organized and presented in ways that are highly engaging and easily navigable. With over 3, learning activities in the form of books, games, puzzles, songs, animations, and art activities, you might fear being overwhelmed, but don't.

The easy interface makes for smooth sailing while providing important educational basics in reading, math, science, social studies, art, and music.

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And parents set the level at which children learn - from preschool through kindergarten. The family account allows individual accounts for up to 3 children, with each child's home page, onscreen avatar, activity history, rewards, artwork, and creative projects tracked and saved separately. There are 3 distinct ways to learn: The Step-by-step Learning Plan, which follows a prescribed path through lessons; Independent Learning, which allows you to explore any activities anywhere on the site; and Guided Learning, for the parent who wants to create custom lessons for their child.

A reward system is integrated into all 3 approaches, with children earning tickets upon completion of each lesson that can be used in the online store, as well as a pride-inducing certificate each time he or she graduates to the next level.

A subscription is 7. For so seemingly natural an idea as a different music video for each letter of the alphabet to be done this brilliantly and effectively implies that a great deal of talent, care, and research went into their making. It would be difficult to imagine a more impactful approach. These original animated videos incorporate features geared towards developing essential reading skills in young children.

The songs, production quality, and graphics are top-notch. Each of the 26 videos is in a different musical style paired with a distinct animation design, and each is chock-full of words that start with the given letter.

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And then they vanished. A perfect gift book for family to treasure and read. Fun facts, a timeline, and inventor and automobile profiles show the importance of this amazing invention! Cheerleading is a series of AV2 media enhanced books. Caterpillar, Caterpillar Trade Paperback "The text does an excellent job of describing the metamorphosis of a swallowtail butterfly, and the closeup, vibrant drawings of each developmental stage are outstanding. The second major hurdle in assessing the scope of radiation-related illness is incomplete epidemiological data.

This variety not only introduces children to a broad range of musical and artistic genres, it keeps things immensely fresh and entertaining - invaluable qualities where learning is concerned. This is a remarkable game - fun, fast-paced, and highly effective at helping kids learn to read. It consists of six illustrated storybooks, each of which is accompanied by a deck of cards containing the 30 words used in the book's story. Before opening a book, a series of 6 simple word-matching games is played with its corresponding deck during which the student becomes familiar with the book's words.

Each game moves quickly, with a winner every few seconds. Only once the student can read all 30 words without hesitation is the book brought into play. The student then experiences the pride and sheer pleasure of successfully reading the story. The games within each deck, and the decks and books themselves, are used in a specified sequence that makes the process unfurl in a highly systematic way that feels utterly natural, leading to a pleasurable experience for both student and tutor.

The stories themselves, while purposefully simple, are professionally written and highly entertaining. Here's a creative enterprise that truly hits the spot!

Kids become kitchen artists with Edible Sweet Art, a smorgasbord of tasty dough in several colors, ready to be kneaded, rolled and molded to your heart's desire with the array of tools included in this set. A rolling pin, several shape cutters, a dual-size popsicle mold, multi-shape candy mold, skewers, sticks, and more, make it a snap to create treats that look as delectable as they taste. Water acts like glue on the dough, allowing you to craft and attach small, finely designed pieces, making genuine works of edible art.

The finished results are so varied, beautiful, and full of detail it's almost a shame to see them go once the eating commences. An illustrated chart provides inspiration, the tools and dough endless possibilities. Putting creative young minds and small hands in motion is what this kit does best.

Anamalz is a line of uniquely adorable, pose-able critters made from sustainable maple wood and cloth. Each Anamalz is hand-painted with child-friendly water-based paint. Their heads, arms, and legs can be posed for maximum imaginative playtime fun. The Aussie Pouch Numerous individual Anamalz larger than the pouch Anamalz are 8. Accessories are also available to add to the fun.

Anamalz' durable, natural-material construction makes them a pleasure to touch, hold, and observe. Their pose-ability lends itself to creative interaction and social play. A new era is born - Anamalz roam the earth! Duple is a fast-moving, quick-thinking game. One way to describe it would be 'controlled chaos. The energy remains high from start to finish.