The Calamity - Part I

Potter’s Calamity Brilliant Event Guide – 30 Restricted Section Books!
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I was just using them up because I didn't think they had much use but I'll hang onto them now. That's what it was like in the beta, right? I'm slightly doubtful that's going to carry over here. The runestones are called "Fantastic Flora and Fauna" runestones and not "Brilliant" runestones, which leads me to believe they're all going to be event specific. I can confirm it happens with the portkeys. I had one from the last event that opened today, and it gave me stuff related to this event.

I've done 10 Brilliant runestones for this event, from level fortress and have received no registry reward items. Maybe you need to do higher level fortress, or it's just rarer this time around. I think they are broken I've done 10 ruin stones with my wife.

She got her registry items in the first three. I got none.

We did level 6 challenge. We did 3 more and I still got nothing. They have to be broken. So we only need to unlock one brilliant 7km portkey and complete one challenge using a brilliant runestone during each of the 2 event weeks in order to get all the event foundables, is that correct?

Potter’s Calamity – Part 2

I know we need to unlock a bunch more portkeys of any kind to complete tasks. O lol didnt think get stuck on this. I can't get the last one I've had 3 depart on me even though they were low threat level. The fragment drop from fortresses is still RNG. I had pretty good luck last time but I'm 0 for 4 right now and thinking I'll hold off a bit to make sure there isn't some bug.

I've still gotten none. Which challenge did you to for drops this time?

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  3. Millennium Man (American Psychics Book 1)?
  4. Potter's Calamity - Week One;

I'm in a similar situation to you and made the mistake of not holding off in case of a bug. I got the first fragment drop from my first wizarding challenge, but now I'm 1 fragment for 12 completed wizarding challenges. I'm worried I won't be able to get more runestones before the event ends to get these last two fragments. Note that the event foundables in the wild give more event and player XP than they did last time. Might offset the rank-up pains a little. Same for me Had 13 runestones, tried all of them, in different rooms, only got 1 fragment So now, I have to try to get some more stones, but I'm pretty sure, I won't be able to complete the event, because of bad luck I'm not exaggerating here.

That should not be possible. I just ran two of them. That coupled with the fact that this event drops its own kind of runestones, not sure there's any particular reason to save those. I got my second of 3 spiders finally after I got a runestone from a 7k portkey from the previous event I expected more people to be talking about this since one of the main feedbacks from the last event was that there weren't enough different foundables in the wild. There surely wasn't enough time for them to make adjustments to the plan this time. Hopefully we'll get more wild ones next time. I'm so sick of Brilliant Harry and Hedwig at this point.

Literally avoiding all the event foundables right now, since I maxxed out both of those on day 2. Yeah but they're an energy suck Has anyone even seen a brilliant trace yet? Almost an hour in and only one Hogwarts family appeared, no brilliant ones. Felt like with FnF there were tons. I really liked the spawn rates and all the scrolls I got from the last time.

I hope this is a bug they fix, and not some kind of intentional nerf. Edit: never mind, I just got HP, and they apparently give way more family xp now. I am totally fine with less spawns, if the HP foundable is giving 20 family xp. Regular xp is good too! My whole workplace is a Magizoo zone, and i got several Brilliant Traces there today! Def qnd improvement over last event. Also, when I opened the app, I suddenly had like 10x the spawns as I did preevent, all over work!

I didn't see any for the first minutes, then they started up. Feels like not as populous as last event, but still a good bit now.

[GMOD Splatoon] Calamari Calamity: Into the Calamity-Verse

I went for a 40 min walk or so at the mall for lunch and saw just one Hogwarts but none brilliant unfortunately. I saw 3 Harry and at least 10 Hedwig. I'm avoiding them now because the XP is crazy I want to take a potion and click a bunch of them. Based on my experience with the first event I thought they'd be popping up all over the place.

Fellow Professors: Are you going to continue to put Restricted Books towards furthering your Hex power, or start making your way to the node for Initial Focus? I feel we are so gimped at the start of challenges due to not having enough focus for our main ability unless we use invig draught. I'm thinking of using all 15 books from this event to start my way towards the initial focus. This was something I was debating today.

On the Blessings of Calamity and the Burdens of Good Fortune

But now I see we're getting 30 books?! Need to wait out both weeks, but still! So can throw the 15 books to get that initial focus and then continue onto hex or vice versa. But pretty instant gratification. Especially considering how many regular scrolls we were getting from the brilliant foundables leveling up. I was pretty much skimming the bottom of the barrel for regular scrolls, and now I have !

Ill beef up the hex in the second half, but right now id rather start with either a protection charm or the deterioration hex even a weaker one without needing to pop a potion. Opened the 7km portkeys I got from the previous event during Potter's Calamity and it still led me to the Forbidden Forest with no issues. Unlocking four Portkeys for the last stage is going to be tough.

‘I decided I could beat them’

Just do the 2 handed finger trick on straight line spells P. Update: aparently with new update this trick doesn't work anymore.

Icicle Drake Queen

Didn't try myself but others say so. I would sugest not upgrading to latest version until they force upgrade on us. I am ok with 10 Masterful spell traces because I can easily do it, However I have seen people post that that they have some form of dexterity issue or disability that makes the tracing harder for them. The masterful traces is prohibitive to them which is a little unfortunate. Oh my GOD thank you for posting this.

I have literally 1 masterful cast to my name due mostly I think to tremors that heavily effect my fine motor skills , so I was not looking forward to hard failing this event at level 2. This may give me a fighting chance at least. People are reporting this not working anymore with latest version.