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Who Lives At Potomac Point In 12222? 'The Family' Mentions The Cedars' Sister House Only Briefly
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Give us a call at or email us. August 29, August 7, July 26, July 18, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website. In fact, anti-Japanese prejudice is at the heart of the trial—it's a huge part of why Kabuo Miyamoto ends up accused and almost convicted of murder, even though the investigating sheriff's first instinct is to say it was an accident.

The story of reporter-newspaper runner Ishmael Chambers and his teen romance with a Japanese American girl, Hatsue who, oh yeah, is Kabuo Miyamoto's wife in the present day also emerges as a central focus. In a novel that is deeply concerned with the difficulty of moving on from the past and healing from war's scars, Ishmael's almost pathological inability to let Hatsue go becomes symbolic of the other characters' struggle to leave behind their painful pasts and, in some cases, prejudices and bigotry , so that they can live more fully in the present.

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Okay, we will cop to the fact that Hatsue, Ishmael, and Kabuo deal with certain exceptional circumstances that are hopefully beyond your range of experience. We hope none of that hits too close to home for you.

Like Kabuo, Ishmael served in World War II and even lost an arm in the bargain—again, hopefully not something you've had to experience. However, you might know something about being a teenager and trying to carve out a life and identity for yourself that is separate or private from the life you have at home with your parents—and that is something both Ishmael and Hatsue struggled to do when they were teenagers.

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Hatsue's parents desperately wanted her to maintain a connection to her Japanese roots—that is, their traditions—and to protect her from cultural or social influences that ran counter to their values. Meanwhile, Hatsue was sneaking around with Ishmael, aware that her parents wouldn't approve of her dating a non-Japanese boy.


Follow the murders from the murderer's viewpoint, with passionate compassion on the one hand and cold-blooded murder on the other. The Cedars' Influence. The quite cotswold village wasn't used to murder; it wasn't used to anything much , really, except sleepy Sundays and the occasional complaint from an incomer.

Tricky stuff, and you can probably relate to at least some aspect of it. No matter how much you and your parents agree on values or traditions, becoming an adult always involves at least a little uncomfortable negotiation between keeping your role in the family and honoring its ways , yet breaking out to become your own person. Ishmael, for his part, lives in the shadow of his much-beloved overachieving father with the rock-solid moral compass—a hard act to follow, for sure.

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If you've ever felt like you have to try to live up to the accomplishments of a valedictorian older sibling or rocket scientist parent, you'll feel his pain there. These family dramas might seem small compared to some of the other stuff going on in the novel War!