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20 more weird job interview questions that have actually been asked (Part 2)
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Are fixed immediate annuities a good way to obtain a guaranteed return? Well, even the stated objective is bad. The insurance company is paying you back with your own money for the first years.

The country is going to Hell; The Fed has pumped up the economy and the stock market; Should I be concerned about my investments? As a student of economics, I find it interesting that many investors are self-taught experts on monetary policy and the incumbent outcomes. Central banks throughout the world are much less a factor today than at any time in the modern era. To suggest, as some commentators have, that the grand majority of the stock market increase since March is because of the Fed is, in my humble opinion a facile argument.

In fact, the rebound over the past several years is attributable to earnings and dividends increasing. This has been the cause for previous market increases and is very likely to be the cause for future increases.

As for the unsustainable debt levels in this country and many others…yes, one day it will stop. It will be fixed, but probably not until it is a genuine crisis. No reservoir of political will exists to take meaningful action until then. Capitalism and the free markets resulting from capitalism will continue to work. Investing is, after all, a forward-looking optimistic act and will continue to reward those who participate.

You must have some degree of faith in the future as an investor.

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Resist the pessimists, that prey on the emotional triggers in our brains , and stay the course. Can I achieve market returns without having to endure market volatility? That is, behavior …impatience robs many investors of a substantial portion of the available return.

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Imagine the main investment components such as income; liquidity; capital appreciation; variability; and tax benefits. People answering in positive are most likely to promote negative competition, a toxic work culture while detesting collaboration and teamwork. Answering in negative, on the other hand, is the sign of an individual who believes in fairness and giving credit to the deserving people.

Reason for Asking: We asked this to check how efficiently can a person demarcate personal and professional boundaries. While one person might look to extract personal benefits in this case, the other person might work as usual with negligible impact on working relationships.

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Typical Responses: The question evoked wild responses. However, we preferred candidates who demonstrated a strong work ethics and chose to step out from overlapping personal and professional lives.

The initial premise was to choose candidates who stay away from grapevine and fostering rumors at workplace, ultimately leading to a toxic work culture. My answer: It depends on the kind of plane. My answer: You start by getting the tools: a pan, a stove, and a spatula.

Common Questions, Uncommon Answers, 1st Edition

How would you answer that? When interviewing for a Marketing Director job at Earthwatch, an environmental non-profit in Boston, I was asked this question.

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They wanted to see how I thought through a problem logically. As our team have scaled I have conducted over 50 interviews in the last three months and I recently inserted [this] tricky question just to see what our job candidates would say.

The question comes from the book Zero to One by Peter Thiel. The question shows you if person answering the question has engage in any sort of deep thought and also about how they approach business and life in general.

There really is no right answer to the question moreover it just really shows you what level of thinking the person answering it is operating at. This is highly valuable if determining the candidate is an A, B , or C player.

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When the person comes to the follow-up interview I want to get to know them better. And the best way to find out more about the person is to let them talk about something that they like. He refused to give me any other info.